Ballet Boots, have you ever heard about it?

Ballet boots as opposed to ballet shoes. The concept is the same, to help you walk around on your tiptoes but the materials and purposes are different. While ballet shoes are mainly used to perform classical dance, ballet boots are a type of footwear that merges the ultimate high heel with the pointy shoe.

Depending on shoe size, the ballet boot’s heel can be around 18 cm. (7 inches) or more. It is extremely long and it means that the foot is fully extended in the shoe, held almost vertically supported by the toes.

Who Wears Ballet Boots?

Ballet boots are not meant for prolonged standing or walking, they can be extremely painful to wear for people not used to this kind of footwear. Wearing ballet boots successfully takes time and practice because of the extreme design, which is very hard on the feet and calves of inexperienced wearers.

Ballet boots are more a fashion accessory used for “playing games” in certain circles than practical footwear. Some people find ballet boots extremely sexy, while others just think it is a silly type of footwear. The point is that whether you love or hate them, ballet boots cannot go unnoticed, so if like me you love to be the center of attention, a pair of ballet boots will get you noticed under any circumstance.

Nigella Lawson Wearing Ballet Boots

Nigella Lawon in Ballet Boots

Many celebrities such as Beyonce, Charlotte Brooke, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Nigella Lawson, Sasha Cohen and Alexandra Potter all have been in ballet boots.

International Fetish Model Charlotte Brooke has walked around at FetishCon for a full 9 hour day.

Lady GaGa in Ballet Boots

What Are Ballet Boots Made From?

Most ballet boots are made of latex and or leather. The boots can come in the form of ankle high, knee height and thigh-high lengths. For comfort many designs lace up in the front, allowing a tight fit which makes it easier to wear them. However, for ease of wearing, most boots are also fitted with a zip.

Tips For Wearing Ballet Boots

If you want to wear Ballet boots, I found the following advice helpful:

* Stretch your feet and legs before and after wearing your ballet boots. If you wear them for prolonged periods, even if you are not standing up, your calves will cramp so it is important to do a few minutes of proper stretching before and after.

* Wear them with thick socks or cotton wool on the point to protect your toes. I noticed a big difference -not able to walk with stockings and able to walk if wearing thick sporty socks.

* When choosing ballet boots, go for a size bigger than your normal size to accommodate your feet better in its new stretched position.

* Keep your feet in good condition; pamper your feet with regular pedicures, massage, and exercise. If you have long or ingrown nails, ballet boots are unbearable!

* When you first wear them make sure to have a seat near you – you’ll need it after a few seconds!

* Once you can stand up in your ballet boots make sure you can hold onto a table or a wall when you are practicing your first steps.

* Do not overdo it. A few minutes are enough to start with. You must build up your endurance steadily to avoid damaging your feet and calf muscles.

By practicing daily for short periods building up your muscles, balance, and confidence, you will soon be walking in your ballet boots without any assistance.

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